Wintergreen Essential Oil

Posted on September 29, 2011 | In Essential Oils

The scent of Wintergreen essential oil is very familiar to most consumers, because it has the same smell as many types of gum and candy. It is obtained from the small leaves of the plant and has a lot to offer therapeutically. In its purest form, this oil is very soothing for aches and pains.

Antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, bone stimulant, diuretic, analgesic and warming.

Possible Uses:
Wintergreen essential oil can help arthritis, eczema, dropsy, bladder infection, reducing fever, skin diseases, ulcers, urinary tract disorders, dermatitis, gallstones, infection, cystitis, gout, acne, kidney stones, and reducing join and bone pain.

Aromatically- Diffuse into air, inhale and breathe
Topically- Apply directly to area of concern or reflex points, may be diluted for children
Note: Wintergreen essential oil should never be taken internally. It is best to keep it out of reach of young children to avoid consumption, especially because the smell is similar to candy and gum.

Historical Uses:
Wintergreen oil was used historically for flavoring. The early European settlers and American Indians often drank tea flavored with wintergreen.

Aromatic Guide:
Use this oil to influence, elevate, open and increase awareness in the sensory system.

Interesting Fact:
The smell of wintergreen is common in muscle pain relieving products such as Ben-Gay. These products contain an ingredient called methyl salicylate, which is a chemically synthesized form of the natural compounds that make up most of the wintergreen oil. The properties of this essential oil are very similar to the synthetic compounds that are used in cortisone shots and other pain relieving treatments.

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