What is an Essential Oil?

Posted on October 31, 2011 | In FAQ

Written by, Becki Andrus

Question: What is an essential oil?
Answer: Essential oils are liquids derived from plants, they are usually distilled from the roots, leaves, flowers, stems, bark or any other part of the plant. This distillation process preserves the plant’s true essence, and the finished product is very concentrated… so a small amount can be very effective.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to support the body so that a person can overcome various health conditions. I prefer to use essential oils as my first line of health care defense (instead of medication), and more often than not the oils take care of any health condition that my family may be dealing with.

Quality essential oils are not “oily” feeling, and they absorb quickly into the skin so that the body can use the compounds that are available. The scientific extraction of a quality oil will be sure that the correct compounds are present in the correct balance to match the composition of the original plant source.

Essential oils can be used by applying them on the skin, breathing them in for the aromatic benefits, or ingesting them. If you are applying these oils topically, be sure to follow the dilution instructions for each individual oil. Also, keep in mind that not all oils can be ingested, so it is best to research the use and quality of an oil before swallowing it down.

Individual essential oils or blends with several oils mixed together can be purchased. The prices of essential oils vary greatly depending on the product– but remember that you get what you pay for! Lower quality essential oils often contain synthetic compounds, contaminants, and other harmful additives. Lower quality oils are not as potent as higher quality oils.

Be cautious about the brand of essential oils that is being used– since there is no regulation of therapeutic grade oils, the labels can be very deceiving. It is best to research the company, plant sources, and manufacturing processes in order to be sure that you are keeping your family safe by using a high quality essential oil.

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