Using Essential Oils to Change a Bad Mood to a Good Mood in 30 Seconds

Posted on May 3, 2012 | In Educational

Written by, Becki Andrus

Yesterday, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I don’t know what happened, but it was just one of those mornings and I was a little grumpy! A few comments were made by me and I was a little short with my husband, when I quickly realized that I needed to change my mood… and FAST.

Everyone has a day here and there when their mood is just a little “off.” Maybe the kids have been crying all day, your boss was a little too demanding, or traffic was stressful on the way home. Can you relate?

If you are feeling a bad mood coming on, it is possible to shift your attitude and energy within 30 seconds. The aromatic benefits of essential oils are very powerful, and they work to quickly lift the spirits and improve the mood.

When I noticed that I was grumpy, I quickly grabbed my bottle of the Citrus Bliss blend, opened the cap, and breathed in deeply. This blend is incredible, I like to call it my “happy blend” because it makes me feel so happy when I smell it.

The essential oils in the Citrus Bliss blend include: Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine, and Vanilla Bean Extract. It smells heavenly!

Within moments I was back to my normal, cheery self and I went about my day in a better mood. I love that essential oils can be so effective… and they work so quickly.

Here is a video about using essential oils to boost the mood of everyone in the car:

Click here to buy Citrus Bliss essential oil– and let me know what you think about this blend!

With love,

Becki :)

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