doTERRA essential oils

Written by, Becki Andrus The most common questions that I receive are about the topic of essential oil quality, such as: “Does the brand of essential oil really matter?” “There are so many brands out there to choose from, and they all claim to have the best quality… how do I really know which essential […]

Essential Oils and Weight Loss Answer: Slim & Sassy

Posted on January 28, 2012 | In Essential Oils

Written by Becki Andrus Can essential oils help with weight loss? Definitely! Certain essential oils can be beneficial for weight loss because they can help to control your appetite, boost your metabolism, and minimize your desire to eat excess calories. A big benefit to using essential oils to help with weight loss is the fact […]

OnGuard Essential Oil Blend (One of My Favorites!)

Posted on January 16, 2012 | In Essential Oils

Written by, Becki Andrus One of my favorite essential oil blends is OnGuard, because it is amazing for immune support and protection from both viral and bacterial infections. The combination of oils in this blend was put together for their ability to support healthy immune function… each of the individual oils in the blend have […]

Written by, Becki Andrus Yesterday, we talked about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine, and how getting a flu shot might not protect your health as much as the pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe. If you haven’t read that article yet, please take a minute to read it because today’s article fits in contextually […]

Written by, Becki Andrus Yesterday, we talked about how essential oils are effective to eliminate bacterial infections without the concerns that are associated with using antibiotics. If you haven’t already read that article, take a moment to read it because this article continues to build on that information: Click here to read part 1 of […]