I have many friends and family that ask me what products I recommend– they want to know where to find more information about essential oils, how to use essential oils, as well as other items that I use with my oils such as accessories, books, etc. So, this is a compiled list of my published books and my favorite products, I hope you love them as much as I do! I will be constantly updating this page, so make sure to check back here on a regular basis.

My Essential Oils Books on Amazon:

Natural Cleaning
Natural Cleaning Recipes: Essential Oils Recipes to Safely Clean Your Home, Save Money, and Protect Your Family
This book is one that I have been working on for awhile, it is a collection of my favorite natural cleaning solutions for the home. I love to use essential oils while I am cleaning, because I can enjoy the aromatic benefits of the essential oils and disinfect my home at the same time!
Essential oils are a great way to naturally disinfect, because they have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It is beneficial to avoid using toxic household cleaners and use these natural recipes instead to protect the health of your family.


weight loss small

Essential Oils for Weight Loss: Learn How to JUMPSTART Your Weight Loss Success With Essential Oils

In this book, I talk about the various ways that essential oils can help with your weight loss goals. Essential oils and weight loss go hand-in-hand, essential oils can help to support your other weight loss efforts and boost your results. They are the “missing ingredient” in your weight loss success!

In this book, learn how to use essential oils to:
* Speed up your metabolism
* Suppress appetite
* Curb junk food cravings
* Get rid of water weight
* Burn fat
* Decreasing food addictions
* Reduce stress
* Clear emotional and mental blocks
* Tone flabby skin
* Decrease the appearance of stretch marks

As a bonus, you will also receive an essential oils body wrap recipe to tone those problems areas!

101 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil101 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil

Are you looking for more ways to use your bottle of lemon essential oil? My book 101 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil shares tips to use this wonderful oil around your home.

You will find 4 categories of tips:

* Cooking

* Household

* Physical Health

* Mental Health


Essential Oils Brand

I have used multiple brands of essential oils and tried pretty much all of the “popular” brands out there. Over time, I began testing out oils side-by-side to see which brands I liked the best, and I quickly discovered that there is a BIG difference in the quality of essential oils that you can buy.

The saying that “You Get What You Pay For” really rings true with essential oils, because there are many cheaper brands out there… and they don’t compare with the higher quality oils that are available!

In order to make the personal decision about which brands I wanted to use, I started researching the science behind essential oils and learned that the extraction methods and purity of the oils really can make a big difference:

  • Extraction methods can alter the chemical makeup of an oil, because it actually affects the compounds within the oils.
  • The original source of the plant can also affect the compounds within the oil, and many factors need to be considered such as: location of the plant, whether it was wild grown or cultivated, and what time of day the harvesting occurred.

Of course, almost every brand out there claims to have the “best quality,” and it is difficult to determine quality simply on the labeling or the claims (since it’s not regulated by the FDA). For example, a therapeutic grade essential oil may have listed on it’s label that it is “pure”… but it could actually contain 100% synthetic, man-made compounds!

Some of the brands suggest that the oils should not be used internally, or that every oil needs to be diluted down before use. And, when you really dig into the details about how the oils are manufactured, where the original plant sources come from, etc it becomes apparent why many of the brands out there use these cautions– the concentrated potency of the oils can be dangerous if they don’t contain the right compounds or if they have unnatural ingredients (such as chemicals, pesticides, etc).

So, make sure that you buy high quality essential oils, and do thorough research on the company to ensure that the oils are safe and pure.

Essential Oils Books

My all-time favorite book is “Modern Essentials” sold by– it has an A-Z listing of specific health conditions as well as which oils can be used to help the various conditions. These are some of the resources that it includes:
  • An A-Z listing of hundreds of health conditions and how to use essential oils for each ailment
  • Each listing makes primary, secondary, and other recommendations– giving many options for each health condition.
  • Specific details about the topical, aromatic, and/or internal uses of the oils (how much to use, where the apply them, etc)
  • Reflexology charts for the feet, hands, and ears
  • Description and historical uses of the oils
  • Details about single essential oils as well as essential oil blends
  • A chart listing safety precautions and dilution details for each oil, also detailing how expectant mothers and/or young children can use the oils.
  • References: Shows where the information comes from. All references are worthy of being cited by the American Medical Association. Medical professionals have been very complimentary about the book because of these references.
This book is the “training wheels” to help you learn how to use essential oils, I HIGHLY suggest that every person have a copy of this book in their home!

Some of my other favorite essentials oils books include:

  • The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Worwood. An awesome book about aromatherapy, with over 600 recipes using essential oils topically as well as aromatically. It includes ways to use essential oils for health, as well as other topics such as beauty, maternity, men’s/women’s health, anti-aging, animals and gardening.
  • Essential Oils Desk Reference” compiled by Essential Science Publishing. This is an in-depth reference guide for the therapeutic use of essential oils, and it goes into detail about specific essential oils as well as recommendations for essential oil usage for specific health conditions.
  • Healing Oils of the Bible” by David Stewart. This book gives a biblical perspective to using essential oils and natural remedies for health. The explaination of the oils and how to use them are based on passages within the Bible, and it also includes a good amount of scientific references to support the information.

Searchable Databases for Specific Health Conditions

There are two websites that I refer to on a regular basis, both of these sites have a feature where you can search for a specific health condition and find information about which oils to use and how they should be used:

Reference Guides for Reflexology Points

The most common way that I use essential oils is by applying them to the bottoms of my feet, because it is a fast and effective way for the body to absorb the oils. If there is a specific health condition that I am focusing on, then I will refer to a reflexology chart to help guide me where to put the essential oils.

The reference chart I typically refer to is in the Modern Essentials book that I talked about above, but I also found a cool interactive reflexology reference guide here:

That link has interactive reflexology charts for both the feet and hands, if you scroll your mouse over the organs listed below the chart you will see that specific areas of the foot are highlighted– apply the applicable essential oils to those areas.

Essential Oils Accessories

There are a few accessories that I use on a regular basis with my essential oils. These accessories are optional, but I enjoy using them for the convenience that they provide. These are some of my favorite accessories…


A diffuser! I love putting a few drops of oil into my diffuser to freshen the air, and share the benefits of essential oils with everyone in the room. Using oils in a diffuser is a great way to life the mood, and enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils. Aroma Tools has a variety of diffusers to choose from, or you can also find diffusers on or


Large essential oils carrying case,This case says that it can hold 30 bottles of oil, but I can fit around 40-50 bottles depending on the size of bottles that I have. I love using this case as my main carrying case– it’s easy to move from room-to-room throughout the house, and it’s very convenient to zip it closed and bring it along when we go out of town.


Smaller essential oils carrying cases are also handy, in case you want to keep some in your purse or diaper bag. This size makes it easy to carry around bigger bottles, and this is a great size to use with smaller sample bottles (it fits great in my purse).


Other tools that I use on a regular basis include:
  • Sample size vials to share my oils with friends and family.
  • Spray bottles, which are great for diluting essential oils down when topical application is being used.
  • Dropper bottles, I really like to use these dropper vials when I mix my own oils because it is convenient to dispense the oils with the dropper. These droppers are also great if you use essential oils internally on a regular basis, because it is easy to control how much oil you are adding to your water or dropping in your mouth.
  • Roll-on Vials, these vials are really great if you are applying essential oils topically. They are great to use when you are diluting an essential oil with a carrier oil.

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