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foot massageWritten by, Becki Andrus

Still looking for a good Mother’s day gift? Consider spending a little time giving her an aromatherapy foot massage with essential oils. You won’t go wrong spending a little time massaging her feet with pure essential oils… it is relaxing and uplifting, she will love it!

The best way to use essential oils for a foot massage is to add a few drops of essential oil to a carrier oil, such as coconut oil. Spread the oil mixture over her feet, both the tops and bottoms of the feet. Spend time on each foot, rubbing in the oil and massaging her arches, heels, balls of the feet, and toes.

You can use any essential oil for the foot massage. Choose the essential oils based on any specific health concerns that she may have. Also, consider including essential oils that are relaxing and uplifting, to help improve her mood.

Some of my favorite essential oils for a foot massage include:

  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Frankincense
  • White Fir
  • Cypress
  • Rose
  • Lime
  • Patchouli

P.S. If you are a mother… tell your loved ones that YOU want a foot massage with essential oils as a Mother’s Day gift!

With love,

Becki :)

oilWritten by, Becki Andrus

Learning to use essential oils can be confusing (especially in the beginning), and a common question is:

“I’ve heard about carrier oils for essential oils… what is the right ratio of essential oil and carrier oil?”

I wish there was a simple answer, but the truth is that it varies from one essential oil to the next. My goal with this blog post is to help you understand a little more about how carrier oils and essential oils work together, which will help you get a better idea of how much carrier oil to use.

Does Carrier Oil Decrease the Essential Oil Benefits?

First of all: understand that using essential oil in a carrier will not take away the benefits that the essential oil has to offer. In fact, some essential oils can be too strong when they are used without a carrier oil, which may cause skin irritation or discomfort.

Whenever there is a question about whether or not a carrier oil should be used, it is best to err on the side of caution… and use a carrier oil with your essential oils. This cautious approach is especially true with children and people with extra sensitive skin.

When you are using a carrier oil, it allows the essential oil to be spread over more area on the body. Carrier oils are also nice because they help to moisturize the skin.

Essential Oils and Children

Children are more sensitive to essential oils, and the essential oils should always be used with a carrier oil to avoid using too much on their little bodies. Here is a good rule of thumb to follow:

  • For infants, use one to three drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil
  • For children between the ages of 2 and 5, use one to three drops of essential oil in 1 teaspoon of carrier oil

Important Note: These guidelines are very general. It is best to research each individual oil to understand more about how much dilution is needed. The “hot” essential oils will need more dilution.

Ratios for Adults

Quality and potency of essential oils changes from one company to the next, so it is important to refer to the source of essential oil to determine exactly how much carrier oil should be used. The company that produces the essential oil will be able to provide details about individual oils.

With “hot” essential oils such as clove, oregano, cinnamon, etc. carrier oils should always be used, with a high ratio of carrier oil and a low ratio of essential oils. For example, the suggested mixture for clove is to start with 1% clove essential oil and 99% carrier oil, simply because clove will likely irritate the skin at a stronger concentration.

It is a good idea to have a few reference books that share details about how to use essential oils for specific health concerns, because those reference books will typically provide detailed information and recipes to use.

How To Mix Carrier Oils and Essential Oils

It is not necessary to have a bottle for each essential oil to be diluted in carrier oil. I keep all of my undiluted essential oils together, and have a carrier oil on hand as well. When I need to use a specific essential oil, then I add some carrier oil in the palm of my hand along with a drop or two of essential oil and apply it on location.

If there is a specific essential oil or blend that you use on a regular basis, it might be easier to have the carrier oil pre-mixed ahead of time for easy, fast access. But, it’s not necessary to do this with every essential oil that you own.

For example, I have a blend of essential oils that I love to use when I need a mood boost or if I am having a bad day, and I use this blend almost daily. So, I used a small glass jar and added a few drops of each of the essential oils, along with coconut oil and mixed everything together. Now, I can simply grab the jar and apply all of those oils at once without having to worry about multiple bottles of essential oil.

Click here to learn more about how essential oils can improve your life!

With love,

Becki :)

Natural Cleaning RecipesWritten by, Becki Andrus

One way many people inadvertently bring toxic chemicals into their home is with chemical cleaners. We want our homes to be squeaky-clean, and so we buy the latest and greatest household cleaning products to get the job done. These products have bright packaging with full marketing campaigns to promote the product… but what they don’t tell you is how dangerous those chemical ingredients can be!

It can be overwhelming to spend time figuring out non-toxic cleaning ingredients and how to use them… so I put together a guide that contains the information that you need to get started. You can learn how to make natural cleaning products with just a few basic ingredients.

Natural cleaning recipes are a great way to save money and protect the health of your family at the same time. Don’t fall victim to the marketing trap of the high-priced “green cleaning” products at the health food store, because you can make better alternatives in the comfort of your own home!

Learn how to:

  • Clean every room in your home without harsh chemical-based products
  • Enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils while cleaning
  • Zap tough stains and problem areas with ease
  • Save money on cleaning products
  • All recipes are tested and proven to work
  • Simplify your cleaning with a handful of basic ingredients
  • Protect the environment, and keep your home safe from toxic ingredients
  • Get access to recipes for dishwashing, laundry, bathroom, kitchen, carpets, and more!

In this book you will find non-toxic options for natural home cleaning, so that you can eliminate the harmful chemical products that are so common in the modern household.

Other natural cleaning books list hundreds of recipes to choose from. Instead of overwhelming you with too much information, this book cuts out the fluff and instead focuses on the core cleaning solutions that are easy and effective with use. You will get over 40 natural cleaning recipes to keep your home sparkly clean and healthy too!

Click here to access the Natural Cleaning Recipes ebook

Do you have any questions about natural cleaning? Feel free to comment here on this blog post or contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

With love,

Becki :)

Essential Oils: How Much Should I Use?

Posted on April 13, 2013 | In Educational

Written by, Becki Andrus

I was talking with a lady the other day, and she was telling me about the fact that she LOVES essential oils. I knew exactly what she was talking about, because I feel the same way about these blessed gifts from nature!

But, her follow-up comment made me concerned, she told me:

“I love essential oils so much, I practically bathe myself in them head to foot. I go through 2 bottles of lavender a month rubbing them on myself and my child!”

I was a little taken back by her comment, and at first I thought that she was joking. As we talked more, I realized that she was literally using large quantities of essential oils at a time and she didn’t understand that MORE is not BETTER when it comes to remedies such as essential oils. So, I explained a little bit about carrier oils and how much needs to be used each time.

Here is the moral of the story:

Essential oils are extremely potent, and a small amount goes a long way. It is possible to use too much, which can be harmful to yourself and/or your family. Most of the time, only 1 or 2 drops are needed, and those drops can be diluted with a carrier oil which will allow a larger application area. The essential oils are still very powerful and effective when they are diluted.

When people ask me how to use a specific oil, I typically suggest that they refer to the directions provided by the company that manufactured the oil. Most companies will include usage information on the label. You can also find instructions for individual oils in the various reference books that are out there, which often give specifics about how much carrier oil is needed with each type of essential oil.

Some oils should never be used without carrier oil, because they can burn and/or irritate the skin. For example, oregano is a “hot” oil and can cause pain if it comes in contact with the skin without a carrier oil. So, each oil needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

It is better to be cautious with the use of the essential oils, always start out with a small amount. Remember, you can always apply more essential oil later if you would like. It’s more effective to use essential oils on a consistent basis rather than trying to apply a lot at once.
With love,

Becki :)

steam inhalationWritten by, Becki Andrus
For nasal congestion, a common treatment is for people to turn to over-the-counter medications: decongestant and/or antihistamine pills, vapor rub, etc. But, there’s no need to reach for these chemical-filled nasal congestion “remedies,” because you can use essential oils for respiratory problems!

If you are experiencing nose congestion or sinus congestion as a result of a cold or allergies, then steam inhalation with essential oils is a great option to open those sinuses and allow them to drain. This home remedy for nasal congestion is simple and easy to do, you can do it in the comfort of your own home– and you probably already have everything that is needed.

What you will need:

  • A glass bowl
  • Steaming hot water
  • A few drops of essential oil (peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and/or ginger are good options to try)
  • A large towel

Pour the steaming water into the glass bowl, add 2 – 3 drops of essential oil into the water, hold the towel open over your head, close your eyes and lean over the bowl of steaming water. Breathe in deeply thru your nose, and inhale the vapors. Continue breathing deeply for 2 or 3 minutes. Have tissues ready, because as the sinuses open up you should start to experience mucous drainage out the nose.

The towel is used as a tent, to catch the steam and keep it in the area of your face. The easiest way to drape the towel is to have it resting on the back of your head, with the ends of the towel hanging down over your ears when you are leaning forward. When you move your face over the bowl, the towel is hanging to the side, trapping all of the steam into the tent.

It is best to keep your eyes closed while inhaling the steam, because the essential oils can be strong and you don’t want them to irritate your eyes. Also, be VERY, VERY careful to not injure yourself with the hot water or steam. Don’t let your face touch the water (hold your nose 8 – 12 inches above the bowl), and if the steam is too hot allow it to cool a little bit before you begin.

While you are inhaling the steam, if it becomes too intense, simply lift the towel a little bit to allow more fresh air in. Then, resume the deep breathing whenever you are ready. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, discontinue the treatment.

This home remedy for nasal congestion helps in several ways:

  • The steam helps to open the sinuses (it has a similar effect as the steam from a hot shower)
  • The essential oils have natural elements that help to open and clear the sinuses as well
  • Essential oils have natural antibacterial/antiviral properties, so they also help to treat & prevent sinus infection (as well as getting rid of the root problem that caused the congestion in the first place)
  • As an added bonus, the steam helps to open your facial pores which can help to cleanse any skin impurities!

I like to use this nasal congestion remedy twice a day when I am experiencing sinus congestion. Typically, in the morning and night to help open the sinuses and help me breathe better throughout the day.

I hope that you enjoyed this essential oils tip! If you found the information helpful, please take a moment to use the social sharing buttons below to share the information with your friends. For more tips to use essential oils for home remedies, be sure to enter in your email address and sign up for my free essential oils newsletter and “Kick Start Guide.”

With love,

Becki :)