OnGuard Essential Oil Blend (One of My Favorites!)

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Written by, Becki Andrus
One of my favorite essential oil blends is OnGuard, because it is amazing for immune support and protection from both viral and bacterial infections. The combination of oils in this blend was put together for their ability to support healthy immune function… each of the individual oils in the blend have been scientifically proven to be effective for their antibacterial/antiviral properties, and the blend of all 5 oils is incredible!

Whenever I am starting to feel the symptoms of illness start (such as a sore throat, stuffy nose, etc), the first thing I do is reach for my bottle of OnGuard. But, I usually don’t wait until I get sick to use the oil blend… it is also great to use on a daily basis for prevention!

This blend can kill viruses, bacteria, and mold. Not only does it have an effective impact on the immune system, it can also be just as useful around the house because of its great disinfectant properties.

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Essential Oils In This Blend:
The OnGuard essential oil blend contains Clove Bud, Eucalyptus Radiata, Wild Orange, Rosemary, and Cinnamon Bark.

Possible Uses:
This essential oil blend may be used as a disinfectant, colds, flu, healing, stimulating, tones circulatory system, warming, respiratory system, kills bacteria, reduces fatigue, household cleaner, nerves, improves circulation, and is very helpful for protecting against illness.

Aromatically- Diffuse into air, breathe normally. Inhale and breathe directly from bottle. Add a few drops to tissue or handkerchief, inhale for on the go use.

Internally- Mix 2-3 drops oil with 4 oz. beverage, consume. Add 2-3 drops of oil to an empty capsule and swallow. Or, mix 1-2 drops with ¼ cup water, gargle and spit out.

Topically- Mix 1 drop oil with 15 drops fractionated coconut oil and apply topically to thymus and under the arms. Apply to throat, intestinal area, stomach, and feet. Add oil to water in a spray bottle, use as a household cleaner.

For surface cleaning, a 32 ounce spray bottle was filled with tap water and 3 drops of On Guard and mixed thoroughly. Sterile petri dishes were sprayed with the On Guard solution and allowed to dry. Next a MRSA isolate is swabbed on each dish and allowed to dry. The results have shown that when using a spray solution of On Guard the organism is not viable after contact with the surface for up to 7 days.

Source: A Perspective for Research, Education, and Integration

This means that when OnGuard was used as described, MRSA was not able to grow on those surfaces for up to a week! I like to keep a spray bottle under my kitchen and bathroom sinks with this water/OnGuard diluted mix and clean the counter tops with it at least once a week. It is a fast and easy way to sanitize the counter tops without having to use harsher, chemical based cleaners.

Aromatic Guide:
This blend is very effective when diffused into the air. It can protect the immune system against illness and disinfect the air. One of the best ways to protect everyone in your household is to have a diffuser running with OnGuard each morning as the family is eating breakfast.

Scientific Evidence:

One of the main benefits to using the OnGuard blend is the fact that it can be helpful for BOTH bacterial and viral infections. Remember, that antibiotics are not effective when a viral infection occurs, which means that essential oils can be a better alternative than antibiotic treatments.

Despite antibiotics not being able to treat the influenza virus, results show On Guard® Protective Blend reducing this virus by up to 90%. On Guard™ plays an important role in keeping families well without harsh side-effects.

Source: A Perspective for Research, Education, and Integration (There is a lot of awesome information at that link regarding the science behind why essential oils work, and why it is SO important to be using high quality essential oils– take some time to read a few pages of the research section, starting on page 4).

Using this powerful blend of essential oils can reduce viral replication (preventing the virus from spreading), and it also helps to get rid of the virus within the cell. For more information about how essential oils are effective against viral infections, read these blog posts:
Bacterial vs. Viral Infections: How Essential Oils Compare With Modern Medicine (Part 1 of 2)

Bacterial vs. Viral Infections: How Essential Oils Compare With Modern Medicine (Part 2 of 2)

Research studies have discovered that OnGuard can inhibit and even kill bacterial infections such as:

  • Escherichia coli (E Coli)
  • Staphylococcus aureus (Staph infections)
  • Salmonella enteric
  • Klebsiella pneumonia
  • Psuedomonas aeruginosa
  • Candida albicans

A research study, In vitro antibacterial activity of some plant essential oils, found that 19 out of 21 plant essential oils had antibacterial activity against the bacterial strains tested.

Out of 21 essential oils tested, 19 oils showed antibacterial activity against one or more strains. Cinnamon, clove, geranium, lemon, lime, orange and rosemary oils exhibited significant inhibitory effect.

(4 out of those 7 oils listed are included in the OnGuard blend!)

Keep in mind that OnGuard can be used aromatically, internally, and diffused for immune support and protection against illness.
In my opinion, if you were to choose just 1 essential oil blend to have in your home, it should be OnGuard. Using this essential oil blend on a daily basis gives me the peace of mind that my imune system is supported and I can minimize the effects of the bacterial and viral diseases that I may come in contact with!

52 Top Uses for doTERRA’s On Guard™ Essential Oil Blend: By Robert James

  1. Mix with a tbsp of water, gargle for 1 minute then swallow at the on-set of a sore throat.
  2. Put 5 drops Oregano and 5 drops OnGuard in a capsule and take 3 times daily at the on set of cold or flu symptoms.
  3. Put on the soles of children’s feet at night during cold & flu season to support immune system (be sure to put cotton socks on after applying the oil).
  4. Put several drops in a bowl of hot – hot water and breathe in the vapors as it begins to volatilize when you have lung congestion.
  5. Put 50 drops in a spray bottle with 30 oz of distilled water. Shake often and use to sanitize kitchen and bathroom surfaces (cleans great too).
  6. Add to your dishwasher for micro clean dishes.
  7. Add to your laundry cycle for micro clean clothes.
  8. Add to your mop water for cleaner floors.
  9. Apply to bee and insect stings to neutralize the toxin and relieve the pain.
  10. Gargle and brush daily for healthy teeth and gums and to prevent and treat gum disease.
  11. Apply to gums and teeth, or swish with 5 drops of on guard & 1 tbsp of water for pain relief from toothaches and after dental work.
  12. Diffuse in homes or business to kill air borne pathogens, inhibit mold and build immune systems.
  13. Put a few drops on air filters when changing them to kill pathogens in the duct work.
  14. Add to Emergen-C or orange juice to help congestion and fight flu and cold.
  15. Put a drop in your mouth and push or squeeze it around to relieve smoking urges. (Enhance with an extra drop or two of clove.)
  16. For warts, apply topically, rotating between Oregano & Frankincense.
  17. Apply a drop on a pet sore or wound to enhance healing (should also mix with carrier oil).
  18. Have the diffuser going in your home when the kids come home to ward off germs.
  19. Make a natural anti-biotic blend using OnGuard (5 drops), Oregano (4 drops), Frankincense (3 drops), Peppermint (2 drops), and Lemon (1 drop) in a gel cap.
  20. Add 15 drops to every cup of corn starch, mix and sprinkle on carpet. Rake carpet, leave for 1 hour, then vacuum for micro clean carpet.
  21. Mix 2-3 drops of OnGuard and 2 drops of lemon EO with honey or agave in a teaspoon for a cold or cough relief medicine for kids.
  22. Gargle with 1 tbsp of water and 1 drop each of lemon and on guard hourly for laryngitis.
  23. Put several drops on the HVAC vents of a hotel room or office to kill airborne pathogens and germs.
  24. Mix with baking soda to clean bathtubs.
  25. Apply neat to the toes and nails to combat fungus.
  26. Combine 2 tbsp of water with 5 drops of on guard in a small glass and store your toothbrush overnight to sanitize.
  27. Use a 50/50 mix of OnGuard and purified water and spray onto oven interior. Leave for 15 minutes, and then wipe away greasy spots.
  28. Apply to hands to remove stubborn, sticky substances like tree sap.
  29. Add to the water in your vacuum cleaner/steamer to disinfect the carpet.
  30. Put a few drops in your vacuum bag to kill pathogens.
  31. Put 15 drops in a 6oz spray bottle, shake and spray rooms, desks, or bed sheets to protect against pathogens.
  32. Clean the upholstery and dashboard of your car.
  33. Gargle with OnGuard and 1 tbsp of water prior speaking engagements or singing performances.
  34. Rub on stains as a pre-wash stain remover.
  35. Add 3 drops to your tooth brush and brush every day for a healthy mouth and to prevent cavities, gum disease.
  36. Apply to teeth that have been damaged or broken to help them heal.
  37. Wipe doorknobs and other things touched by the public.
  38. Wipe dirty piano keys to clean and disinfect.
  39. Use to clean children’s hands when traveling.
  40. Use on the steering wheel and gearshift of your vehicle.
  41. Use on public telephones to remove germs.
  42. Use on public computer keyboards and mice.
  43. Use as an underarm deodorant.
  44. Spray on hands before and after shaking hands with a lot of people.
  45. Spray in public restrooms on airplanes to reduce airborne bacteria.
  46. Carry for protection in countries with cholera, malaria or dysentery.
  47. Use as an air freshener for cooking odors or other unwanted smells.
  48. Take to the gym and spray all the equipment you use.
  49. Take to the supermarket and use to disinfect shopping cart handles.
  50. Use in the classroom for desks, tables and other items handled by children.
  51. Spray in your mouth and throat at first onset of cold or bronchitis.
  52. Spray on shower stalls and bathroom walls to disinfect and remove mold.

(For #37 – #52, use a spray bottle with the OnGuard/water combination: 3 drops of OnGuard in 32 ouces of water).

Click here to buy the OnGuard blend. Or, if you have any questions about anything related to essential oils, feel free to comment here on this blog post or contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

With love,

Becki :)


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