Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe

Posted on June 11, 2013 | In Cleaning Tips

toiletWritten by, Becki Andrus

Essential oils can be used with other natural ingredients to clean every room in your home. Many people overlook the benefits of using essential oils for cleaning… and reach for the commercial, chemical-filled products instead. When these store-bought cleaners are used in the home, they are creating a toxic environment that could be potentially dangerous to the health of your family.

Instead of risking your family’s health, it is better to use natural alternatives instead. In fact, it’s easy to make your own homemade cleaners with a few basic ingredients. Today, I’m going to share a recipe for homemade toilet bowl cleaner:

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe:

2 cups vinegar
1 cup baking soda
5 drops tea tree essential oil
Sprinkle the baking soda into the toilet bowl, covering the surface of the bowl as much as possible. Drop in the essential oil around the bowl, then drizzle the vinegar over the baking soda.

When the vinegar hits the baking soda, a reaction will occur that causes it to start bubbling and fizzing. This natural bubbling will help to clean the toilet. Also, the tea tree essential oil has antimicrobial benefits that will help to disinfect and kill any bacteria present in the toilet.Natural Cleaning small

When the fizzing stops, use a toilet brush or a rag to scrub the toilet bowl to help remove any remaining spots. Flush the toilet to rinse it. Repeat if necessary, for stubborn stains.

For more natural cleaning recipes, check out my book with 42 recipes for every room in your house: Natural Cleaning Recipes.

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