Essential Oils: How Much Should I Use?

Posted on April 13, 2013 | In Educational

Written by, Becki Andrus

I was talking with a lady the other day, and she was telling me about the fact that she LOVES essential oils. I knew exactly what she was talking about, because I feel the same way about these blessed gifts from nature!

But, her follow-up comment made me concerned, she told me:

“I love essential oils so much, I practically bathe myself in them head to foot. I go through 2 bottles of lavender a month rubbing them on myself and my child!”

I was a little taken back by her comment, and at first I thought that she was joking. As we talked more, I realized that she was literally using large quantities of essential oils at a time and she didn’t understand that MORE is not BETTER when it comes to remedies such as essential oils. So, I explained a little bit about carrier oils and how much needs to be used each time.

Here is the moral of the story:

Essential oils are extremely potent, and a small amount goes a long way. It is possible to use too much, which can be harmful to yourself and/or your family. Most of the time, only 1 or 2 drops are needed, and those drops can be diluted with a carrier oil which will allow a larger application area. The essential oils are still very powerful and effective when they are diluted.

When people ask me how to use a specific oil, I typically suggest that they refer to the directions provided by the company that manufactured the oil. Most companies will include usage information on the label. You can also find instructions for individual oils in the various reference books that are out there, which often give specifics about how much carrier oil is needed with each type of essential oil.

Some oils should never be used without carrier oil, because they can burn and/or irritate the skin. For example, oregano is a “hot” oil and can cause pain if it comes in contact with the skin without a carrier oil. So, each oil needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

It is better to be cautious with the use of the essential oils, always start out with a small amount. Remember, you can always apply more essential oil later if you would like. It’s more effective to use essential oils on a consistent basis rather than trying to apply a lot at once.
With love,

Becki :)

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