Bacteria vs. Viral Infections: How Essential Oils Compare With Modern Medicine (Part 2 of 2)

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Written by, Becki Andrus

Yesterday, we talked about how essential oils are effective to eliminate bacterial infections without the concerns that are associated with using antibiotics. If you haven’t already read that article, take a moment to read it because this article continues to build on that information: Click here to read part 1 of this article series.


Today, we are looking a little closer at viral infections and options that are available to minimize (or even eliminate) the virus from the body. Because viruses reside inside the cell walls, these infections are harder to fight because antibiotics are not able to kill the virus.

The main element to consider about viral infections is the fact that a virus cannot multiply on it’s own, instead it attaches to a “host” cell (i.e. the cells in your body) and it begins to duplicate new cells with the viral DNA attached. Your body is constantly duplicating cells to renew and regenerate, it is part of the natural process of living.

Just because the virus resides within the cell walls doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be treated. In fact, the immune system is able to fight against the virus, and the best way to do this is by getting rid of cells affected by the virus and creating new cells that are free of the viral DNA.

Minor viral infections will often not be treated– usually a doctor will advise you to rest and let the virus run it’s course. Most of the smaller viral infections are considered “self-limiting,” which means that they will cause symptoms for awhile, until eventually the immune system is able to attack the virus and allow your body to recover.

But, there are also serious viral infections that can make a person very sick. Sometimes the symptoms of the virus need to be treated, or complications arise that may be bacterial related. And in those cases there are a few modern medical options that may be used:

  • Antiviral medications might be used for certain viruses, which prevent the virus from multiplying and reduces the length of time that symptoms are present.
  • If a bacterial infection occurs as a secondary complication, then antibiotics may be used to eliminate the bacteria.
  • Medications may be used to target specific symptoms. Keep in mind that these medications do NOT treat the root of the problem (the virus), instead they are reducing certain symptoms to make the patient more comfortable.

Antiviral Medications

If a doctor prescribes an antiviral medication, it works to inhibit the development of the virus within your body. It is very important for you to understand that these mediations do not DESTROY a virus, they just LIMIT the virus from duplicating.

The reason that the medications don’t attack the virus and get rid of it is because of the fact that the virus resides within the cells– so attacking the virus to destroy it would result in attacking the cells within your body. The medications work to limit the viral duplication, and once the duplication is limited, then the hope is that your immune system will be able to kick-in and take care of the problem.

Antiviral medications can only be used for a select few viral infections, the majority of viral treatments will focus on reducing symptoms to make you comfortable. Even if medications are prescribed, those medications are artificially produced and chemically based, and they often result in negative side effects. Sometimes those side effects are worse than the original symptom that the medication is treating!

Antiviral Properties of Essential Oils

A better option to treating viral infections is by using essential oils, and it is important to be sure that you are using high quality, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. There are many reasons why essential oils are my #1 choice for viral infections:

  • Essential oils are able to penetrate the cell walls in order to fight the virus at the root of the problem.
  • Essential oils work to inhibit the replication of the virus
  • Essential oils support the body to boost the immune system, so that your body can more effectively fight against the viral infection
  • Essential oils can be used for the root of the problem (the virus) and reducing the symptoms at the same time

The great thing about using essential oils is the fact that they contain natural, healing plant constituents that work along with your body’s functions to improve overall health. The problems can be taken care of, without harming your body with unnatural chemical-based medications.

In fact, it is interesting to note that many of the man-made modern medications that are available are designed to mimic certain compounds found within natural plant sources. The medication often focuses on mimicking one specific compound that has been studied, but an essential oil may actually have hundreds of compounds available within 1 drop of oil.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not completely against modern medicine– I recognize that sometimes there is a need to use treatment options outside of natural remedies, and I am grateful to have them available if they are needed. I am personally open to those treatment methods if needed.

But, my first line of defense is to use essential oils first, and if the problem is not solved with essential oils then I will explore other medical options that are available. And since I started using high quality essential oils, I have found that I haven’t had a need to go to the doctor. A few drops of essential oil can eliminate the problem without the use of chemical based medications!

The best way to use essential oils is by using them on a regular basis. Applying essential oils on a daily basis is one of the best ways to prevent the bacterial or viral infections from setting in… the problem can actually be eliminated before it really starts.

As you can see, essential oils are a great option to use during cold and flu season, because this is the time while bacterial and viral infections are spreading quickly. Instead of buying the over-the-counter drugs for your medicine cabinet, plan ahead and have essential oils available to use when they are needed. The best line of defense is to have the oils on hand at any time, so that they are available when you need them the most!

With love,
Becki :)


Cold/flu season is just getting started, but you can be prepared by by having the essential oils on hand that are needed to protect the health of your family! Click here to buy high quality essential oils, or feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions.

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